Thursday, October 13, 2011

Performing for our Australian Visitors

On Tuesday we had a special visit from four young men who are from Australia. They are here because they are studying and playing LaCrosse for St Andrews University. The whole second grade listened to our visitors talk about their country. At the end the students were able to ask them questions about their country.

Ms Lologa says that sometimes there is rivalry between New Zealand and Australia especially when it comes to sport. Ms Lologa put her hand up and asked if they watched rugby and who was going to win the rugby semi final this weekend between New Zealand and Australia. The visitors were definitely supporting their national team and told Ms Lologa their country of course! We all laughed!

At the end our class ended up performing our welcome song to the visitors. Ms Lologa said that usually in New Zealand there would be a special welcoming ceremony to welcome the visitors called a 'powhiri'.

Our visitors really enjoyed our performance and we felt proud to represent our school.

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