Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tena Koutou - Hello to all! Learning Maori in the U.S.A

Miss Lologa has been teaching our class lots of interesting things about New Zealand.  One of the official languages in New Zealand is Maori.  Here is one of the songs she taught us, it is a welcoming song in English and Maori.  Hope you enjoy watching it!


  1. Ms Lologa and class
    Thanks for the welcome song, yes I did enjoy it. I think you will learn a lot more about New Zealand from your teacher as the year goes by. I hope you enjoy it.
    Miss T

  2. Wow! I am so impressed! I am excited that our whole family will learn more about New Zealand this year!
    Jen Williams

  3. I love the way my son comes home everyday and has learned new words and songs about New Zealand! We are all enjoying Miss Lologa's class...love you guys!
    From the Newsome family...Josh's Mom, Dad and sister, Kate.

  4. Eric says, "the song was good."
    Destiny said, "the song was amazing."
    "I would like to learn how to speak different languages" ,said Charlie.
    Kaylie said, "It was fun."
    Adyson said, "I'd like to learn the different dance moves."
    It was really fun learning from a teacher who came all the way from New Zealand.