Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Individual Projects

When I was at home in my room I thought of something. I thought of my class and I thought of my teacher Miss Lologa and I also thought of Olivia in my class who did a project to show the class. I thought about doing a project to show my class so I got on the computer and then thought for a second on what I'll do it on. Then I remembered a taniwha that my teacher taught me about New Zealand so then I did everything I knew about a taniwha. After I was done with that one I remembered when Miss Lologa showed us New Zealand coins so I decided to do a coin book. I printed the taniwha story and started the New Zealand coin story. That is how I made the two All About Books!
By William

In Writer's workshop our class is working on 'Biographies'. Olivia was inspired by this unit and at home she researched on her person 'Queen Elizabeth' and brought it to school to show the class.

We were all impressed with her project. When Miss Lologa asked why she picked Queen Elizabeth Olivia said that her Dad is from England and that is why she wanted to pick her.
Awesome Work Olivia and William!!

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  1. This is William. I have enjoyed doing those projects for our class to read. I can't wait to do some more. I am so lucky to be in Ms. Lologa's class and learn all about New Zealand. I really want to go there some day. Maybe this summer? My favorite thing I have learned about New Zealand is...well...all of it really. Its hard to choose.

    From William 2\27\12 Tuesday