Wednesday, February 22, 2012

One Day A Taniwha

A taniwha is a maori mythical creature. Watch our video of some of students singing the song. The class are very quick to learn new songs! Ka pai 2nd Graders! (Ka pai means good or well done in Maori)

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  1. Hello Superstars,
    I enjoyed your video and singing. I will share it will my students tomorrow at school.
    I also liked the travels with Richie and your stories. I'm from Virginia. I use to work with some of the teachers at your school when we all taught at Wesley Chapel.
    What's the best thing about having a teacher from New Zealand? There is a teacher in the room next to ours that has also taught in New Zealand but now she is teaching here in Monroe, NC. She is from Canada. She showed us some pictures of landforms in New Zealand and we learned about volcanoes and other physical features in New Zealand as we compared them to North Carolina.
    Maybe one day we will meet you and try to skype with you and you can teach us something else about New Zealand or about your school.