Saturday, March 24, 2012

Preparing for our Performance for International Night

At school we have been rehearsing our performance of waiata (Maori songs and dance) for the International Night on Tuesday, March 27.  The International Night will involve four schools: Cuthbertson High School, Cuthbertson Middle School, Kensington Elementary and New Town.  We are very excited to be performing to a big audience.
We have a number of songs we will be singing on the night.  Here are two video's of two of the dances we will be performing.

The first is a waiata-a-ringa (Maori song/dance).

Tōia mai1 te waka nei
Kūmea mai te waka nei
Ki te takotoranga i takoto ai
Tiriti2 te mana motuhake3

Te tangi a te manu e4
Kūi! Kūi! Kūi!
Whitiwhiti ora!
Hui e, tāiki e.
Haul this canoe closer
haul the canoe here
to its
 special resting place;
the Treaty gives us our autonomy.

May the cry of the bird,
the shining cuckoo
- Quee! Quee! Quee! -
signal a change for the better.
Draw together, beome intertwined!
Click on the link to learn more about what the song means Toia Mai

Toia mai from New Town on Vimeo.

The boys will be performing the traditional haka dance from New Zealand.  Click on the link to learn more about the haka

Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
I die! I die! I live! I live!
Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka ora!
I die! I die! I live! I live!
Tenei te tangata puhuru huru
This is the hairy man
Nana nei i tiki mai
Who fetched the Sun
Whakawhiti te ra
And caused it to shine again
A upa ... ne! ka upa ... ne!
One upward step! Another upward step!
A upane kaupane whiti te ra!
An upward step, another.. the Sun shines!!
Hi !!!

Haka from New Town on Vimeo.


  1. Goog work kids! You all sound just like a NZ Kapa Haka group singing. Have fun performing. Big hi-5's to your amazing teacher.

  2. Wow! Good job everyone, I'm impressed. Good luck for your performance.

  3. wow tihei mauri ora tino pai kids hahaha very very goo9d GREAT STUFF!!

  4. hahaha very very good wow Mrs Lologa has done a great job teaching you waiata's and the haka! WELL DONE!

  5. Well done guys!!! Im so impressed with your Maori pronunciation. Go Ms Lologa!!!!!!! Looks like you are slowly converting the world through Kapa Haka - love it!!

  6. Well done!! You look like proper Kiwi kids :) You are lucky kids to have the talented Miss Lologa as your teacher:) Good Luck at the International Night, I am sure you will have a great time and that the audience will love your waiata and haka.

  7. Wow guys - that is awesome! Miss Lologa is a fantastic teacher isn't she?! Our class have a blog, this week we are hoping to put some of our mihi's on that we have made. We are super proud of them, check it out if you get a moment: I hope that your performance goes well on tuesday, you'll rock!! from Miss Rhodes

  8. Kia ora Grade 2
    Ka pai! You have done so well to learn the words and actions and I'm sure you will wow the audience on International Night.
    Kia kaha

    from Mrs McKenzie

  9. Kia Kaha! Be strong in your performance! We would love to hear how your performance goes! We have also posted our mihi onto our individual blogs and are keen to share the waiata that we know... stay in touch!

  10. I am amazed at all the wonderful things you are doing at your school. I am a friend of Miss Lologa's and I live in Northern Ireland! Keep up the great efforts! And see if you can get Miss Lologa some pineapple lumps...her favourite candy (lollies)!

  11. awww what an awesome teacher you have :) .. Well done Miss Lologa they performing with pride and passion so good to see all the way on the other side of the globe. Good luck for your International Night and the best with the waiata and the haka - love it. All the best from Queensland, Australia. :)

  12. AWESOME kids u sound fantastic wow great job Miss Lologa and your class sound like a group from it enjoy your performance on international night kids and you should all be proud of yourselves for a job well done....KA PAI !!

  13. Nice work Ms Lologa's class! Our class is looking forward to Skyping you again this week and for you to teach us how to use our freshly made poi

  14. Wow this is amazing, It truly was a pleasure and an honour to hear the culture of New Zealand shared amongst the world. Such lovely american voices great work ladies and to Miss Ula Lologa Congratulations its great to seee that you are shareing the love of music and culture no matter where you are internationally. So proud good luck with the rest of the year Children as you are in great hands.

    Arohanui xx Ralph Togia-Molesi

  15. Hello SuperStars,
    That's a great name for your class. I hate I couldn't make your performance because of time but your practice looks wonderful. Are there only a few girls in your class? There looked like a lot more boys. You should go around and perform for other schools. Fantastic work!!

    We are looking forward to Skyping with you and learning more about New Zealand.