Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Superstars Skype Poplin Elementary!

Yesterday we skyped Ms Gopun's 1st Grade class at Poplin Elementary. Poplin Elementary is in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Ms Gopun is from the Phillipines and like Miss Lologa she is here as part of the Visitors International Faculty, a program that allows international teachers to teach in the U.S.A.

Ms Gopun talked to us about the Phillipines.  We also enjoyed talking to her 1st Grade class and they even sang and counted to us in Ms Gopun's home language.

We are planning to regularly skype Ms Gopun's class this year.

Enjoy our video of our skype session with Ms Gopun and her 1st Grade Class.

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  1. dear Miss Lologa's class, when you skiped miss gopon's class in the phillipines I loved the video you posted love gracey.