Friday, April 20, 2012

Richie's trip to Cuthbertson High School

Today Richie went with his class friends to watch the Cuthbertson High School Show "Beauty and the Beast". It was an amazing show! Fantastic singing and dancing! The students that played the lead roles did a fabulous job and at times it was almost as if we were watching the movie.  Richie's favorite part was when the townspeople were trying to capture the Beast but were chased out by all the Plates, spoons, candles, and many other characters in the play.
Richie arrives at Cuthbertson High School.
Richie waits to get seated in the Auditorim
The class spotted the New Zealand flag hanging inside the High School.
The big finale!  Fantastic props, scenery, backdrop and costumes!  Well done Cuthbertson High School!!!
Jasmine and Richie take a photo with the lead actors who played Belle and the Beast
Richie grabs a quick photo with the lead actors straight after the performance!
Back to school on the bus with David and Ryan

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