Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Superstars Celebrate ANZAC Day

Today we celebrated ANZAC day. ANZAC stands for Australia, New Zealand Army Corps. It is celebrated on April 25. It is a national holiday for both New Zealand and Australia. In World War 1 troops from New Zealand and Australia fought together with the British in what is known as the Gallipoli Campaign in Turkey. Many soldiers lost their lives in this battle.

The class made poppies and wore them all day. They also got the chance to make ANZAC biscuits. These biscuits were made by the wives of the soldiers and sent to them while they were in battle.

Superstars enjoyed learning about ANZAC Day and made comparisons to Memorial Day a U.S holiday in May.

Watch our slideshow to see how we celebrated this holiday from New Zealand and Australia!

Superstars Celebrate ANZAC Day!! on PhotoPeach

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