Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Teacher Miss Lologa

This year,New Town Elementary is lucky enough to have a VIF global teacher. Her name is Ula Lologa and she teaches a second grade class. She happens to be my teacher!
Miss Lologa is from Wellington, New Zealand. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand She has been a teacher for 14 years. Miss Lologa decided to come and teach after she . came to visit the U.S for the holidays. Her favorite part of being here has been teaching the class about New Zealand and learning about America.

She says that the biggest difference between our schools and the schools in
New Zealand is that our schools are bigger, and start earlier and shorter recess periods. The students in New Zealand eat outside every day and head straight to the playground afterwards. Wow! wouldn't we love this! In addition, the teachers in New Zealand do not eat with the students. She loves to teach all subjects. In fact, back home,she teaches all the special classes like technology, P.E. and art. Miss Lologa says that this year has been a great professional development opportunity as a teacher. She learned new ways of doing things and better understands the American culture and history. Miss Lologa misses foods, her friends, and family most. When she returns back home she will miss her new friends,teachers, and her students at New Town Elementary I told Miss Lologa that this has been a fun and amazing school year for me. I am going to miss her so much. she has taught our class so many new things and allowed us to be creative. I asked her if I could come and visit her in New Zealand. She replied, "of course you can come any time" so I started saving yesterday

By William Crawford
2nd grader at New Town Elementary
May 14,2012


  1. William,
    It sounds like you have a very special teacher. How long do you have to save for your trip?
    I love all the songs and things I see on the blog site that your teacher has taught you.
    You should make a special journal of all the things you've done this year.
    We have a global notebook (folder) that we keep notes in when ever we learn about a new place.