Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Class of 2012-2013 Kapai Kiwis Welcome You!!!

Welcome back to another exciting school year!  We have a new bunch of students this year who are very keen to get the year started.  This year we will be changing our name to New Town Kapai Kiwis.  Kapai means 'good' and kiwi being the national bird of New Zealand.  All Second Grade classes at New Town Elementary will be focusing on New Zealand.  Miss Lologa will play an important part in sharing her expertise about her home country.

Connecting with the old and new:

We look forward to re-connecting with our global friends we have made through our blog as well as creating new friendships with other classes.

Please feel free to stop by and post us a message.  My class would love to hear from you!

We would also like to skype with schools or teachers back in New Zealand and Australia as well as in the States and all around the globe!  Please email or contact us on our blog if you are keen to do this.  You can email us at newtown2nd@gmail.com or leave us a message on on the blog.

Let our learning journey begin!!!


  1. Welcome back to school.
    We look forward to working and learning with you this year.
    There are 20 students in our classroom.
    Our teacher is Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Davidson is our assistant.
    We will be learning about Oceania this school year and we saw your kiwi bird.
    We wondered if they live in only New Zealand or do they also live in Australia
    Your classroom is a lot like ours. We don't have an international teacher but we do have a Union County Global Teacher.

    1. Dear Roadrunners and Mrs Todd
      Thank you for leaving us a message. We read your post in class. We are very excited to get our first message as Kapai Kiwis. We have 22 students in our class.

      Kiwis only live in New Zealand. Miss Lologa told us that they live in the New Zealand bushland in burrows. They are nocturnal and they cannot fly.

      We hope to skype you sometime soon. If you want to ask anymore questions please feel free to post us a message.

      Ka kite which means Goodbye in Maori - the indigenous language of New Zealand.

      From the Kapai Kiwis