Thursday, November 15, 2012

Communicating via Skype!

Skyping is always a great way to connect with others outside the classroom.  Here are pictures of all our skype sessions we have had so far this year.  We connected with Mrs Todd's class from Rocky River Elementary.  We taught them a song in Maori called 'Tena koe, Hello to one'.  Mrs Gullion talked about Ireland and her class taught us an Irish song and words.

Miss Lologa's neice, Nelisa talked to our class talked about what life and school is like in New Zealand.

The class also had an opportunity to talk to Miss Leena from Finland.  Many of the students had not heard of Finland.  Miss Leena talked about the geography, the culture, schools and animals in Finland.  Miss Leena taught us to say Moi which means 'Hello' and 'Moimoi' which means goodbye.

Our recent skype was with Nathan's Grandparents from California. The class asked great questions about 'California'.  Our next blog post will be by Nathan who will share more about the skype session.

This year we have a 'Skype Challenge'.  Our challenge is to skype as many states in America.  We have another skype session from one of our Grandparents in  Oregon coming up soon.  

We love skyping and finding out new information about people, places and countries!

Skyping Mrs Gullion From Ireland
Skyping Nelisa (Miss Lologa's niece) from Auckland, New Zealand
Skyping Miss Leena from Finland
Skyping Rocky River Elementary, Monroe NC
Skyping Nathan's Grandparents from California


  1. Kia Ora,

    It will be interesting to know how many states you manage to skype!!
    We had a skype session with New Zealand too. It was unforgettable experience for us!!!

    Your blogging buddies from Russia

    1. Hello our friends from Russia! Thanks for your comment. We've only skyped a few states but was hoping to skype more.

      Hope your year is going well. Hopefully we can skype with your class:)

  2. Hello my name is Bianca,
    I have a question for you,
    How many people have you skyped from around the world?
    You look like you have skyped some really nice people from nice schools.
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    From Bianca, Room 5, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand.

    1. Hello Bianca!

      Thank you for your comment. So far we have skyped 3 people from NZ, Ireland, Finland and California! We are hoping to skype more people. I know there is a time difference but it would be awesome to be able to skype with students from NZ.

      Have you skyped before?

      Hope to hear from you soon:)