Wednesday, March 20, 2013

International Night

Over the past month we have been busy preparing for the International Night at Cuthbertson High. This is the second International Night for our cluster schools; Cuthbertson High and Middle, Kensington Elementary and New Town. We learned a lot of new songs to sing and dance on the night. Miss Lologa's After School group the Kia Kaha Performing Arts Club performed after our class. Some of the people in our class are in the club as well so they had to prepare for two performances. Miss Lologa's group met for an hour after school on Thursdays and learned dances from New Zealand and the Pacific. In the six weeks they learned at least four dances. It was a wonderful evening of dancing and singing. Watch some of our highlights of the evening!


  1. Well done kids ! Awesome to see you trying a different culture and knowing that you are enjoying it! I bet your parents are really proud of you all and so would Miss Lologa!! Ka Pai ! choiceeeeeee one guys !!

  2. Well Kapai Kiwi kids! You must have an awesome kiwi teacher who is very talented! It's great to see our cultural songs and dances being shared all around the world! Ka Pai... keep up the good work!

    1. Kia Ora Tekau Whanau!

      Thank you for your comments! We love to read new comments especially from New Zealand. The class enjoyed learning the songs and dances. Hopefully we'll be able to put more videos up for you to see.

      Do you have a class blog?

      Talk to you soon.
      Miss Lologa