Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kapai Kiwis teaches the School basic Maori Words from New Zealand

Over the past few weeks, the whole school have been learning basic Maori words. During each morning broadcast, two students from our class have been teaching a new word each day. This is an animoto video of the words the school has learned so far. We created it to help them learn the words in their classroom. Hope you enjoy our video!


  1. Kia Ora 2nd Grade Superstars!
    You blog looks amazing. Well done on learning Maori words and you've made a great effort pronouncing them too. Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving us a comment too. Well done to you and your wonderful teacher Miss Lologa. Keep up the great learning.

    From Miss Lavakula and Room 13 Years 5's @Pt England School

  2. Hello Superstars,
    We enjoyed learning some more Maori words from you. You have obviously been studying them a lot.
    We hope you had a great year blogging and learning just as we did.

    Have a fun, safe summer. Miss Lologa your class did a good job teaching others these words.

    Mrs. Todd and the Roadrunners (RYRES)

  3. Hello SuperStars!

    Wow! Your blog is amazing! We love every post of yours! Keep it up!
    And thank you for visiting our blog too!

    Love from,

    Mrs Jenny She and Room 6 at Pt England School ( Little Voices and Little Scholars)

  4. i did not know that whanau ment family. by sophia