Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hamster Ball Race

Our Principal, Mrs. Perry and Assistant Principal, Mr. Watts raced each other in a human hamster ball.  The race was part of the PTA Swooper Sprint Fundraiser we had earlier in the school year.   Every year the PTA challenges the students to raise as much money for the school.  Over the past few years the money raised has been used to make a new track, and basketball courts for the K-2 and 3-5 playgrounds.

If the school raises enough money to reach the target then Mrs. Perry and Mr. Watts is given a challenge chosen by the students.  Last year Mrs. Perry slept on top the school roof overnight so this year it was decided that they would race each other.  

Mr. Watts was a crowd favorite but in the end Mrs. Perry managed to win the race.  We love seeing our Principals take part in these fun events.  It was definitely great to see that no matter who won, everyone still had a fun time watching the event!

Mr Watts. our Assistant Principal is getting ready to race.

Getting ready to watch the race with our free ice pop!

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