Monday, November 7, 2011


Today in Math we looked at parallel lines and parallelograms. We used the online tool 'wordle' to record all the parallel lines we see in our classroom.

We learned that parallel lines never cross and that parallelograms have four sides.

Can you find any parallel lines around your home or school?

Wordle: Parallel lines in our Classroom!


  1. We are a group of 2nd graders at Rocky River just down the road. We looked at your blog site. We enjoy seeing everyone that visits our site. We have a visiting teacher Ms. Adams next door from Canada but she has also taught in New Zealand. What is the most interesting thing your teacher has told you about New Zealand?

  2. Dear 2nd Graders at Rocky River,
    Thank you for your message. It is always good to have visitors to our blog especially from Union County! We were very excited to read your comment.
    We have been learning a lot about New Zealand. The most interesting thing our teacher has taught us is learning the language from New Zealand. Maori is one of the official languages as well as English. Most of us did not know about New Zealand until our teacher came to our school.

    We hope we can skype or keep in contact with your class. It would be very cool!

    From Second Grade Superstars!