Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Skyping Dale and Kristy Inns from New Zealand!

Last Thursday we skyped Miss Lologa's friends, Dale and Kristy Inns. They are from New Zealand. We asked them questions about New Zealand. They showed us a rugby ball, a cricket bat and candy (lollies). They also showed us the houses next to them. There were some things that were different like the color of the houses. They asked us questions about New Zealand and we already knew a lot of the answers.
We love skyping because we get to learn a lot through talking to other people. We hope to skype them again soon.

By Gracey, Samara and Lily

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  1. dear mrs lologa my mother didnt let me e mail you so i went on the blog i'm having a great time i can't wait till i see you tomorrow in school.by.ella