Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Our End of Year Party and Room Moms

This was our final party for the year! Through out the year we have had a Fall Party, Winter Party, Spring Party and now the End of Year Party.

At New Town we have Room Moms. A Room Moms job is to contact parents for lunch duties (once a month teachers get to eat without the class), parent help, provide supplies for the class, chaperon's for field trips and so on. Room Mom's plan the class parties with parents. They provide the food, drink and fun activities for the class.

Ms Sarah has been our Room Mom this year and she has done a wonderful job organizing behind the scenes. A big huge thank you to Ms Sarah from Miss Lologa and the Superstars for doing such an amazing job! You rock!

Watch our slideshow of today's party. Even Snail and Whale joined in and had a great time!


  1. Superstars and Ms. Lologa,
    Have a wonderful safe, fun summer. We enjoyed seeing what you were up to on your blog site and skyping with you this year. We liked seeing the different types of cereal boxes from New Zealand and hearing about school in New Zealand.

    It's sad we will be leaving second grade but we're also happy to be third graders. We might not get to blog and skype next year so we will miss that. Our second grade classes were part of the VIF program just like your class so we got to learn a lot about other places like Australia, England and New Zealand. We made friends in many places.

    Good luck in third grade.

  2. Wow what a wonderful way to celebrate your end of year! You use have really good mothers that help out your teacher! Thanks for sharing!
    New Zealand

    1. Thank you Dave!

      Great to have someone from Masterton of all places. I am originally from there! Thank you for posting a comment and I'm glad you enjoyed our end of year celebrations!

      From Miss Lologa and the 2nd Grade Superstars!