Monday, June 4, 2012

Snail and Whale's continues their adventures with the 2nd Grade Superstars!

Watch all the action of Snail and Whale's day with the Superstars!

Lunch and Math with the New Town Superstars! on PhotoPeach


  1. Great to see those photo's of the inside of your cafeteria, wow, four days to go until the end of the year? It was interesting seeing the dinner plates, I think the students in New Zealand would be jealous to see the food. Does it cost much? and I really liked the New Zealand flag over the class door!

    1. Hi Mr Webb and Room 5,

      Thank you for your comment! The foods range from $0.60 to $1.50. I think students back home would love the food. There are a variety of foods such as macroni and cheese, lasagne, turkey dinner, steak and rice, corn, beans, nachos etc.

      Each grade level studies a continent area. Each class studies a country for the whole year....of course my class is New Zealand. Every class has a flag outside their door!