Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snail and Whale visits New Town Superstars!

Today we received a special package, it was none other than the Snail and Whale.  Snail and Whale have traveled all the way from New Zealand moving from classroom to classroom all around the world. They belong to Room 3 from Russell Street School in Palmerston North, a small city in the southern part of the North Island.

Miss Lologa knows the place well because she used to live there when she was studying to be a teacher at the local Teachers College and University.

The city of Palmerston North, New Zealand

This global project comes with the book called "The Snail and the Whale" written by Julia Donaldson.  The book is about the  Snail and Whale and their adventures around the world.

Please click on the project image below to read more about their adventures from around the world.

We are very excited to be a part of this global project and we look forward to posting our adventures with Snail and Whale  next week as we begin to count down to the end of the School Year.

Snail and Whale's First day with the New Town Superstars!! on PhotoPeach

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  1. We hope you enjoy Snail and Whale visiting as much as we did.
    Wonder if they will notice our schools look alike except for colors inside? The students noticed that one day when they saw the post of where you live and go to school. They thought it was our school Rocky River. I've been inside your school so I know the colors are different. We have bright yellows, reds, greens, oranges and blues everywhere in the hallways.
    What is the temperature like where they come from?
    Mrs. Adams one of our teachers, that Snail and Whale visited, actually had some friends from their hometown in New Zealand.
    We will watch and see what happens to them while they are with you.