Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ethan writes about ANZAC Day


 Anzac day is celebrated in New Zealand and Australia. Anzac day is when the Anzac troops landed in Gallipoli, Turkey. But when they landed one steamboat made smoke come out of the top. Then the Germans fired a flare. The Anzac troops were met by head-on fire from the Germans. .  As they reached the beach they lost the element of surprise. The first landing wave got quickly reduced to very small numbers.

The wives of the soldiers made Anzac biscuits for food on their journey all the way around the continent Africa.

 Every April 25 New Zealanders and Australians wear red poppies! Now they have Dawn Services every April 25 to remember the troops that fought and died.    They celebrate this because it was the first war New Zealand and Australia helped out in.

by Ethan

 Click on the link below to read about the recent ANZAC Day Dawn Service in Auckland, New Zealand.

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